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The courses described on this page cover the BCS Freedom of Information Practitioner syllabus (40 hours) and the application of the Freedom of Information Act/Environmental Information Regulations. The objective is to provide delegates with a detailed and practical understanding of all important FOI/EIR elements.

The FOI Practitioner syllabus usually requires attendance at all the day FOI modules described below; however, if you are not seeking the FOI Practitioner qualification, you can still select the training days you wish to attend.

Summary content of each FOI day course  

Day 1

Origins and outline of the Freedom of Information (FOIA) Act 2000. Who is subject to FOIA and what information is covered? Obligation of Confirm or deny and to communicate. Enforcement by the ICO. Publication Schemes and records management.

Day 2

Procedure for making and handling requests; timing and communication; duty to advise and assist, and s.45 Code of Practice. Exemption for excessively costly requests, including the FOI Fees Regulations, and for repeat and vexatious requests. Refusals and complaints.

Day 3

Function of the exemptions in FOIA. Class and prejudice exemptions; absolute and qualified exemptions. The public interest test. Detailed study of important exemptions.

Day 4

Consideration of personal data in the hands of public authorities and the need to protect privacy in the context of an FOI request. Detailed study of personal data exemption (under the Data Protection Act 2018).

Day 5

Definition of “environmental information”. Differences between EIR with FOIA. Study of the EIR exceptions. Brief introduction to the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations. Tutorial for the BCS FOI examination.

Exams etc

About a fortnight after the training Amberhawk sets a 3hr 20 minute Mock Exam (half day) which is marked by course tutors. This is followed by a Debrief Tutorial (all-day) to prepare delegates for the BCS exam which is held about 10 days after the Debrief Tutorial.

Follow the link for full information about the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION PRACTITIONER COURSE

The fee for the course is £2,370+VAT per delegate for five days of training, day debrief and mock exam; this includes the £175 exam fee which we collect for BCS. You can book multiple delegates for the same course in one booking.


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