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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ’s are grouped, so please follow the link to reveal the FAQs. Alternatively, you can download all the FAQs in one document by using this link.

About the ISEB/BCS examination and exam date

About delegate requirements

About our courses

About Amberhawk’s teaching methods

About booking a course

I want to change or cancel an existing booking

What other discounts are available?

I have a complicated booking to do

Do I have to use the automated booking system?

I want more details on the automated booking?
The automated booking system deals with all straightforward bookings (e.g. any number of delegates attending a chosen course). The system allows an individual to book courses on behalf of such delegates. Payment can be arranged by credit card or we can send you an invoice if you provide an order number or reference number for the order.

If you have a complex booking (e.g. you want to book a two delegates for a DP course and another delegate for an FOI course or courses at different locations), you might find it easier to do separate automated bookings (e.g. one for DP, the other for FOI) or download the booking form from the “relevant brochure” page. You can also download this form if you don’t want to use the automated system.

The booking system first asks you where you want to take your course. The options available are "London", "Leeds", Edinburgh", "Manchester" and “Any Location”. Then you are asked whether you are seeking the BCS/ISEB qualification (the options are “Yes” or “No”); if you indicate “Yes”, you tell the booking system that you want to book the appropriate examination package linked to your chosen course location.

Finally on this page, you are asked whether you want to book:

  • The “standard” qualification course (42hrs training as recommended by BCS syllabus)
  • The “intensive” qualification course
  • A selection of individual full-day DP or FOI courses.
If you are seeking a BCS/ISEB qualification and if there is more than one possible exam date at your chosen location, you will be asked to confirm your preferred an exam date. The exam date, once chosen, dictates the dates of the courses at your chosen location. See the FAQ (Why is the exam date so important?) for more details.

If you have confirmed an exam date you will be presented with a list of course dates and dates associated with the exam. If you opted for a choice of individual course dates, you will be provided with a list of course dates for your chosen location.

The next page requires you to provide the name, invoice address and e-mail address of the person doing the booking; often the person doing the booking is a delegate, but the system does not assume this. If you are booking for yourself (or others) but want to send invoice details to a third person, enter the data pretending that the third person is doing the booking for yourself.

There some discounts for NAPDO and Data Protection Forum Members; these are deducted automatically by the booking system.

The system asks for the number of ALL the delegates and their email addresses so they can be sent confirmations and later, the joining instructions.

Before your booking is confirmed, the system displays a copy of the data you entered for checking. If you make a mistake, you will need to go commence the booking again.

The system allows you to pay for the courses by credit card (we do not retain credit card details). If you want to pay on invoice we can only confirm the booking if you provide a Purchase Order reference or number.

The automated booking will send all delegates and the person doing the booking, an e-mail from confirming the details of your booking. Please check these and contact us if there is an error. This is almost immediate. Invoices will be sent to the postal address of the individual making the booking (and usually this individual is also the delegate.

What happens if there is problem with health at the last minute?

About anything else

What is our policy towards cancellations?

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