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Our teaching focuses on understanding the subject matter because if delegates understand the subject, then the exam should hold no fear.

Amberhawk provides better value for money because:

  • We spend more time on the training and on examination technique than other training providers
  • We provided detailed revision notes and case studies for homework throughout the training
  • We provide exam-type questions with model answers so delegates learn how to present their knowledge
  • Training is delivered by recognised experts in the subject, able to answer any questions put to them in class and to advise on practical solutions.
  • Our mock exam duplicates the BCS/ISEB exam conditions; it is held usually at least 14 days after the course is delivered, to allow time for revision
  • We have a full tutorial day on exam techniques (e.g. the tutor delivers the marked scripts to the candidates with detailed comment)
  • We provide access to tutors at all times during revision (see Testimonials).
  • We are the only provider to offer the syllabus to BCS recommended specification (i.e. 42 hours of teaching)
  • We are more transparent than other training providers because we publish course content, lesson plans and exam statistics on our website.

In further detail

Whatever training option you choose, your decision is not just about time and costs; the objectives are to ensure that you or your member of staff receives the best quality training from leading experts, at an appropriate rate, which maximises the chance of passing the exam with a good mark. Our track record shows that we deliver on all of these objectives.

If you are making comparisons with other providers, remember our courses are longer and structured differently; please compare like with like. Some course providers do not have a separate exam component, some course providers timetable a Mock exam so it eats into their training schedule (follow this link for recent results).

In addition, we are also the only course provider that delivers 42 hrs of training as recommended by the syllabus. Our courses have two components:

  1. A training element that lasts five full days or seven full days.

  2. An exam component which consists of a further three separate days -  a half day invigilated mock exam, followed by 1 day debrief and exam techniques preparation, followed by the exam itself. There is a range of exercises we expect delegates to do. We have a second mock exam which is optional.

Our courses extend over 7 or 10 days; not 5 or 6. Because we spend more time preparing delegates for the actual exam, our overall pass rate is on average 87% (with average pass mark of 64%). An 87% pass rate represents a failure rate of 1 in 9; by comparison an 80% pass rate represents 1 in 5 failure rate. Crude percentages are deceptive in that an apparently small decrease of 5% in pass rate to 75%,  increases the failure rate to 1 in 4

We publish our statistics, unmassaged and honestly. We have the best pass statistics: end of argument.

We expect delegates to revise for our Mock exam and we give them time to prepare; our exam preparation is not pre-recorded with distant learning; it is hands on and face to face with a tutor (and it lasts a full day).

Need convincing – look at our testimonials; they range across a large number of data controllers/public authorities

If you want details of our course brochures click here.

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